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So that I will do properly

I will have to do needed work
that now comes to a lot,
yet I wonder,
if I had the fuel to finish it
without descending into total loss,
loss of motivation,
as in, time is wasted.
That, so that
some fuel is spared
for the next work.
That is why I procrastinate,
keep putting off
things that must be done,
keep figuring and figuring out
this and that,
so that I can do everything perfectly.
Sometime people will say to me:
oh, don't worry, nothing is perfect.
I am sarcastic about that phrase,
because others around me
took the phrase like this
as an excuse:
oh, why worry? Nothing is perfect.
I wonder why people keep skimming important things in work
so that they can have more time
to rest at home.
It was like blaming the One
for my own misfortunes.
It is technically true, however
the misfortunes are brought by
because I know that
I will cause misfortune
on other people,
but if only because my habit of
always wanting to rush through.
It is commendable ethic,
this want to rush through things.
To me, it lead to
shortest and
most straightforward direction.
It is good,
because no time is wasted on our part.
because it lead to less waste of time.
However, sometimes,
essentials are missed during the rushing.
By Allah! Look at how many defects!
All just because these things are left out!

Version 1.0: 7 September 2017

11 Nov 17

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