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Seek Me Again

I deny, I simply defy
that the best revenge is a life lived well
I tried that for years
and I’m bitter as hell.
I had this childhood, see,
that you took from me,
and did that make you happy?
It dint, so there.
I swear
you were a racist – a racist flubnugget
always out for trouble,
getting the detention shuffle.
And then there was little me –
you pulled her hair,
told her she shouldn’t be there,
told her the teacher dint care.
Rubbed nettles in my face,
and made it about race.
And for years – god, years –
you were round my house.
Lacking in afterschool hobbies,
except eggings and the odd dead mouse
popped through the letterbox,
like some smarmy cat.
I’ll get you back.
And did I mention?
You weren’t just one
or one time, oh no.
You were legion,
half the bleeding school,
in scruffy uniforms,
always waiting until I left class –
you hardly went –
so you could chase me to the gents,
which had the working locks, see,
and rattle the door
like a particularly bored ghost,
to tell me and mine to go back home.
Then you followed me there.
I will have my revenge as,
of all things,
a policymaker.
Oh you yourself,
you might’ve grown up,
got jobs on the tills
got your own little pups.
But your small ones in schools,
oh them I can get.
I’ll take over the estates,
you’ll regret your hate.
About every effing creature
that used to grope my bum
lived in council housing
with a bleeding single mum.
They had subsidised uniforms,
free school meals,
special grants for them,
the teachers cut them deals.
And it weren’t just me,
they were destructive on the whole.
Side point,
my French teacher cried on me once.
She was green as frick.
So, masterplan, I take over policy.
I make it about me.
These chavs ain’t going to chav no more,
because they won’t be bored.
I’ll give them it all.
The good things.
After school clubs,
access to education fund,
breakfast provided,
and curriculum united.
Better housing, jobs, a voice,
and all the dreams
they didn’t dare speak.
I’ll have my revenge
by erasing their existence.
Seek me again,
in ten years.
I will have meddled in your lives,
And all this time you will think
I look on you with pity,
but I’d see you happy,
because I wanted to be.

11 Nov 17

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your childhood didn't make me happy you stain
 — percocet

u are looking for approval
 — percocet

first four lines were ridiculously good.
 — impoppy

May each of my students rise to do the same, exacting their justice by creating a better world than the one that hurt them, giving grace to others so that they can find their own.
May your choices bring you health and peace. May they bring comfort to young people who know your story too well.
This is beautiful.
 — akiikii