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Women are from Venus -- Art is from Mars

On this monumental day
of thanksgiving
let us spare a moment
for those great
women painters
never to wiggle a brush
and all those long suffering
downtrodden & suppressed
female classical composers
fated to forgo
their symphonic capabilities
in lieu of trivial
child bearing obligations
and other artless
soul destroying tasks
devised by bloodless
and manipulative men
If only a woman
had possessed the foresight
to throw herself
under the King of England's racehorse
a thousand years earlier
today we could be celebrating
the works of a female Bach
Mozart or Beethoven
We might marvel at the strokes
from a Michaela Angelo
a Fanny Rubens
or a Cynthia Van Gogh
but more than a century hence
art holds its breath
and the genius of women
keeps men waiting

24 Nov 17

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Beautifully said.
 — jenakajoffer

women are from venus (the only planet that rhymes with penis) thats a shit joke.

i don't like feminism..sexism..racism.... because i know in my heart no matter what skin colour or sex you are, you are essentially going to be the same person...

george elliot deserved a mention
 — impoppy