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Strap 'em up tight,
it's time to go out
into the night.
Dark night
glimmering with its neon
against shadows
hiding demagorgons in their midst.
Laced to the top,
tight upon my calves
I rise to meet this clever evening.
This time it's different
This time I walk with determination
I take the path that I wish to travel
spending money on things
that can never be bought--
shopping as if on a spree
of endless possibilities,
smorgasbord of opportunities. . .
Yet, when I'm done, instead of spent,
it's rich, I feel...wealthy
stealthy, sexy, satisfied.
Walking in these boots has
never felt so safe, so certain,
Such a perfect fit
these feet have never known.
Tired, I take these feet up
to the 2nd floor, back to my flat.
"Have u seen my new boots?"
I cry out, as I fall onto the unmade bed
Silence replies:

28 Nov 17

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