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I Walked Into Staples And Was Blinded By All Kinds of Shiny Things

I walked into Staples and was blinded by all kinds of shiny things
Everyday they throw more pretty things into the fish tank
You follow them like baitfish
You swallow them in anguish
You’re losing, losing everything
Don’t let the bad guys win
So many choices so little choice
Crippled death by artificial voice
You’re not what they’ve made you think you are
And you’ll never ever ever ever ever be a star
Unless you sell your soul to the man in the black hole
But he’s already dying ‘cause the monkey caught him lying
You watch your life drift away you let them take it all away
The crapshoot called religion won’t save you anyway
Away with you, away with this
Exiled upon sacred ground
Your birthright stripped for thee were proud
And tho you may despair aloud
You won’t be free till she is found
So rest my king and dry your eyes
For theirs is power built on lies
And yours is love they can’t pretend
So vanquish darkness once again

24 Dec 17

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