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I live in Mars
to be precise
I live inside a container.
We are indoors all the time
you count being outdoors
as 'outside of main base'.
If you say
'inside conditioned air'
yes we are
from our birth.
Yes, it sucks, but what else could we do?
Those CO2...
We need a million plants...
that does not even cover the night...
what happens if the plants does not receive sunlight?
You get more carbon dioxide,
and that's not what we want.
I'm not sure
if we can even grow plants
here on Mars's soil.
I don't know much about animals
unitl we learned it from our teacher.
We only carry hamsters here.
Cats, dogs, rabbits... they take up too much space.
Also, they'll mess up things in this base
which is exactly want we wanted to avoid.
They decided not to.
I am not involved in that decision.
Well, I can say that since I was not born at that time.
Come on, are you serious?
They're not trying to make a zoo here!
Well, they did carry chickens
some species of herbs
and water
which we have currently.
Chickens and herbs are easy to grow,
but water?
Water does not grow here.
We obtain water from Earth.
Well, it's simple right? Mars does not have water.
Unless you want to do fusion.
I.. just... don't know how it will work.
I had never seen it done.
I'll try to tell you when I witness it.
We have boiled chickens and herbs all the time.
whether we like it or not
we have to adjust to space food.
I would like to come to Earth to taste what food is like.
Really? Wow, you talked like you really tasted it.
No, I've never tasted fried food before.
What I know is that it's cooked
by bringing oil to high temperature
and soak your vegetable or poultry in it?
No, I've never even tasted oil.
What's it like?
Ooh, so it tasted yummy and greasy?
I'd like to, but my base needs to be kept clean at all times.
The oil will certainly pollute watever oxygen supplies we have left.
Yes, we have rockets supplying Earth's air and water
in addition to space food (read: sauce) received in International Space Station.
Well, besides not being able to produce our own water and air
the base also has a number of flaws.
Did you notice that I said that we need to import air even though we have plants?
That's because there are not enough plants to cover everyone.
That's not including machineries, and air loss caused by entries and departures at rocket ports.
We currently have a sort of air ventilation ducts that come from 'oxygen production centre' that distributes oxygen to everywhere in the base
so when the oxygen depletes, everywhere affected by these ducts becomes affected.
So, we currently hold two meetings.
From what I've remembered,
the first is the plan to expand the oxygen production centre to enormous size
divided into two
when one has light shining, one has lights off.
That's now a work in progress.
The second one is a temporary proposal to distribute these plants to all areas affected by the ducts.
This one... sad to say, we are divided into two camps.
The opposition says that the proposal calls for additional people, which we have... but they want someone more capable, like a gardener. They also warned that doing this sort of thing will lead to more accidents.
that's true.
We worry about everything here.
It's not much different in Earth, right?
you worry about jobs
about your profits and loss.
We worry whether the next oxygen and water supplies will come before the present runs out.
My parents are enormous techies.
They are also Mars researchers.
I wanted to know what is the name of their university they work at, but they say that I'll have to wait - "You have to get used to your future hometown first."
I asked whether they mean going back, they say yes, but they say, "We don't know when it will end. We may die here and our work will still be unfinished," they said.
They are conducting more detailed studies about Mars's ecosystem. I'm not allowed to disclose what topic and what subject.
Well, books are not like food.
They're data.
There are some terabytes of hard disks stored by my parents and others
that we access to read from time to time.
He he, yeah... we didn't know what to play besides drawing, playing with toys, and gentle fun.
You guys must have a good rough house time there.
Our instructors are quite restrictive.
Whenever we got hyper, our instructor or our parent would make us distracted with flashier toys. Long story short, we got doped. You guys have the same problem too, I see?
Yeah, but hey, at least you guys have the Great Outdoors outside your house, right?
That's pretty sad. Oh well, at least, if you want to fell freedom by going to another planet, you have my warning about what you are about to go through.
So, okay, let me tell you this:
Alright, what's data made up of?
Come on, you know this better than me.
Oh. That's statistic.
Guess I'll have to tell you anyways.
You see, data's made up of a variant of event, chosen over a spectrum of ALL possible events over a subject chosen, say, light, or sound.
A string of these datas, arranged in an order we can follow, is called 'information'.
So, in this case, internet; you know Wi-Fi?
How do you get internet
even though there is no wire into your computer?
Yes, that's like it.
In essence, what's one way we can access all your servers there on Earth that are running?
So, you know then how all our electronic machinery here runs from?
Yep, right, except here, they used solar panels.
It's our only choice.
Now, back on topic, these servers, when running, these datas will be placed at the Random Access Memory for easy translation into electric currents. These currents are then translated into radio waves by a transmitter, which then shots them by satellite, then goes to International Space Station for amplification, then to another satellite near the vicinity of Mars, then received here by our receiver, and voila! We get your data packet. There, that's how you get internet on Mars.
On paper, it's simple, yeah, but in reality... I never could fathom all those programs. Yeah, they REALLY put THAT MUCH effort into it.
We read a lot.
It's a natural consequence of being in a restrictive environment, unless I've seen otherwise.
We don't just read science.
We read whatever interests us.
Even religion is okay.
Just don't go to books showing you how to do witchcraft, how to make drugs, how to make Molotov cocktails, or how to grope at porn pictures.
It's harmful content there.
I saw a lot of websites against extremism, drugs, porn, occult practices.
Well, there are also 'for'.
Those have been mentioned just now.
I sure hope.
Thank you for asking.
Peace to you!

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31 Dec 17

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