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Bird’s wings fall silent.
Music of leaves,
caught in shimmering trees
eases down.
Soon you will sleep,
but first let yourself creep
beyond a lantern’s light,
towards the heavens where stars ignite.
There is a cosmos inside your mind.
Let it brush against those far away objects
knowing that your life on earth is aligned
and at one, with all that will come and has gone.
You are your own universe,
blending with the aggregates of space and time,
a continuum without end.

11 Jan 18

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very Rolling Stones 1968
 — rivergood

I saw The Rolling Stones live in'64 and believe you me rivergood they were the cosmos...but of course like many things in the world we live in now they have become corporate and never got my imagination like The Beatles anyhow.

Larry help i need somebody Lark
 — larrylark