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Those tens of thousands papers of journey has made the brain caught pictures through the eyes that caught the ranging rays of twinkling lights that brightens the ground of the dark vista of them afloat in the air, deciding that moving feet to gradually tread and treading the circumstances of the shedding of the dark vista are fit for action, thus at instance, the eyes scanned the path and the feet acts, for at any in this moment in time the little lights sign off, that shedding no more of the used to be brightened path, a negligible figure amongst the vast, vast dark vista, already dark, becomes darker.

Coldplay's Life in Technicolor 2, working on The McCracken Sisters (ten papers of journey...) sat in mosque while removing language out of my sub-conscious, reading English (...(klaklakla)...), answered by one man my age-old question about a rule in prayer, and removed a stamped land animal off the road (the dark vista, becomes darker)
Version 1.0: January 2018.

19 Jan 18

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