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Five Pixel Color

Green marks – green makes
A howling sound in this hollow place.
I’m reminded of the cucumbers, half-shaven, half-salad, half-green.
Eat them.
Eat the green colors your eyes so easily see.
The cigarettes from last year’s curbside torrents are crumbling and the wolf that needs you is enlivened by their burning red, orange, yellow, green embers.
My first finger will test this, meeting that of an extraterrestrial who’s never seen the likes of us before.
Work in America is a euphemism for trying to survive. Green lawns will pull us home like Clark Gable and breathe in the crowds from Tom Petty’s last concert.
Each set of eyes gazing upward toward billowing clouds – smoky and diced by lines upon lines upon lines.
They create a web which captivates the green in each of us, bringing our attention to the place where we are loved and no longer fast for enlightenment.
Encapsulate this green pill and let it settle the fringes of evergreen anomalies.

26 Jan 18

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