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Prose or Poetry?

I've been climbing
three decades,
the stone roots,
the real world is a dopamine bitch,
incarcerated by heaven's military gates-
manned towers with gatling spotlights
for celebrities and the infamous,
who carve life's stories into the trees
lining the road to hell's picket fence
and infinite parking lot.
it isn't enough to dream
or romance the past
when the ones in charge
raise the ceiling
from their stratosphere ballrooms.

27 Jan 18

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it's prose because it's a collection of sentences to direct the reader to a single conclusion: the author is writing, therefore, the author is real.

a poem would be the author as spotlight feeling the heat of his own elements and reacting to what he lit up. that would be a personal writing, and it would come out as music because everything the author saw as he wrote it would be in the same melody.
 — cadmium

thanks for the thoughts, mike. it's more helpful than i'm putting into words
 — dvdsxr