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Mysterious Crossing

We arrived at the river
after travelling over fields.
A no man’s land sealed off
between water and city,
yielding nothing to man or beast,
least of all pity.
Mitigating circumstance
had allowed us through.
“It’s the best I can do.”
said the man opening the gate.
Descending fog mingled with river mist.
It was getting late.
We gazed at the list of instructions
but like most plans
The writing had ceased to function,
unravelling on the page,
so they would have to wait.
A man passed on a bike
with a hound running alongside.
He called. “The bridge is down
And the river’s wide.”
We looked round. “Must be the tide.”
The ferry man plunged his pole through water.
Then we saw for the first time
a faint outline. Probably his daughter,
stood on the top of whatever it was,
carrying them across to our side.
Swimming silently, head plunging
in and out of its own waves,
Spreading ripples
right up to our feet.

7 Feb 18

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