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Looking German

They were all bigger than me
and said I looked German.
This was 1953.
Sweets may or might not
have been rationed.
Not to mention
all the still bombed out buildings,
down at heel fashions.
“Probably related to Hitler.” One said.
“Someone told my gran down the launderette.”
Even though Adolf had been Austrian
I had to spend a year or so
steering a careful course.
Hid in shadows, took long cuts rather than short.
Got to know every back alley.
Found out of the way places,
Derelict air raid shelters where I’d bunker down.
It all faded away.
They got older, so did I,
Following other whims and fancies.
Life sometimes leads us a strange dance.
In my late teens at school, flirting with the Spanish language,
i wore bright red shirts and talked a load of bull.
No one linked me to Franco,
or offered me out for a fist fight
in the name of national pride.

9 Feb 18

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nice wording in this. the wording makes it alive.
 — cadmium