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Winter By The Railway Line (1956)

The three thirteen,
Glasgow to London train,
steamed past the rec. where we played,
waiting hours to list numbers.
All those names on metal plates
rivetted to their sides
Duke Of Devonshire, Benjamin Disraeli,
Boadicea and various other leaders.
The spewing of coal piled high in the tender
was a blessing to a bent old woman.
She also waited patiently
and when it had passed
dragged a hessian sack to the track side
and with a hammer broke large lumps
that had fallen,
secreting them away.
It froze endlessly that winter.
Trains steamed through splintering frost
towards distant places.

14 Mar 18

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well done. nice control of the line. you were in midlands? same for me in california when i was a kid. i know about that old woman, but, what about you? seeing all those exotic names on a magic carpet?
 — cadmium