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Cowpoke's Diary

I had to ride the prairie,
It was my job for the day
and could be precariously scary.
Beware sidewinders, mad men selling hooch,
swinging those rattlers through dusty air.
They dared me to take a sip.
Must admit I was tempted,
as heat dried out my cracked parched lips.
Had saddle bag full of beans
which I exchanged for beer from a medicine man.
As I galloped away a bean stalk,
ten times taller that a totem pole swayed behind.
A giant red injun fired his bow and gun
and a bullet arrowed clean through a cactus plant
Grazing my chaps
denting my free entry to the prairies badge.
Percy, my pinto, had had enough.
Shot off like a cayote on a sortie.
A squaw shouted as we passed
“Hotch potch, hocus pocus.
You pulled the knickers off Pocahontas.
Thank God I’m on saloon duty tomorrow
At High Noon.
I won’t forget you oh my darlin’s
While I slide whiskey rye the length of the bar,
starting and stopping fights,
chucking drunken god fearing folk out into the night
In my ten gallon hat I’ll look quite a sight.
We do get a day or two off and on mine
I’ll do the Hokey Cokey with Annie Oakley.
Make playing card pyramids with The Cisco Kid.
Drink pints of bitter with with Tex Ritter
And having tea at eleven
With The Magnificent Seven.
Sometimes being a cowboy is simply heaven

17 Mar 18

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