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A Daughter's Apology

There is a companion piece to this poem called A Father's Apology. If you have the time please read them back to back. The other poem is the exact same length.

His feet stood firm on the ground
Solidifying his place in the hall
With his dirt crusted toes
His hands clutched the chains
His fingernails scratched the iron
And slowly a dent was made in the bindings
His lips opened and closed
The air magnifies his noise
Filling the hall with lies
He held ice in his eyes
Unyielding to the spectators
and full of cruelty
Fire burned on his head
Along with a pride
For all that he destroyed
His feet leave the ground as he falls
And some dirt falls off his toes
His hands grasp the chains as he kneels
The iron digging into his skin
His lips open and close as he gasps
And the air steals the rest of his noise
His eyes hold ice as he cries
Yielding all his emotions
His head burns down as he bows his head
And the pride is shattered
He is the only tyrant
For the people I saved
And now I stand above him
For the first and final time
Raising my sword high and soon it will fall
Yet I can’t help but feel sorry
For the father who is nothing our people need
And everything I need

27 Mar 18

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