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Forever Young

We live in an age
while growing old
we can stay young.
Having a fund of memories
adorned with facial creams,
papering cracks,
we moisten the past,
bring it up to the task,
feel born again.
Long ago youth
flows through each creaking frame
so that arthritic parts feel the glow,
no pain.
worn out heart renewed.
Memories remain young
even though the truth
might sing a different tune.
Yearning for the past
casts us in a new role,
as when long ago,
we were forever young,

22 Apr 18

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fund of memories isn't a term in the third world
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u r searching for prolonged happiness like a fool.
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write a poem of the decisions u have made that can help real life
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I was forever young.

I was raped,
defecated on,
a man threw a evergreen cd
at me.

I was no longer forever young.
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no sympathy here
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sry old lady
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I like your poem, but I need work.
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