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i was wondering about
avalanches giving and
like a father who is
not, like a rain
that dries heaven.
maybe i see that
chidren aren't cattle.
read that, that
i'm a dad too,
and it didn't matter.
maybe my wondering isn't like
wishing, like a dream might
make fathers;
like a snow makes
white rainbows.

24 Apr 18

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I was wondering about a cheeseburger,before and after, I read your story.  A rain that dries heaven like it is wet in the first place.. plz elaborate.  how are children not cattle?  does work need to be done by minors?
 — percocet

can kids just sit and smoke pot until they're 18?
 — percocet

like a fool makes a follower
 — percocet

are you naturally stupid, or is this an act so's you don't get beat up in school...? hows that working out?
 — cadmium