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Let Me Bleed

un-sleep yourself; if you wake, don't leave
if you walk away, look back on me
don't look for xan in the cloud
the bed-springs are broken, they dangle
like your arms waitin for all the things
you were meant to do; a show or a song,
some drone to fall to.
I know you're scared, wonderin if anyone cared
if you pulled through, if anyone's cryin for you.
you're so young, just a lil strung
a lil dumb, lil numb at the bottom—
come on wake up gothboi,
got a bottle of sun waitin for you.
feels like you're leavin now,
your face fades like a season—
I sift through your photos looking for a boy,
a mood, a reason...
my heart's a lil broken, my pain goes
unspoken; your beautiful, awful things
in the mixtape of my mind,
Peep I’m gonna keep you there,
you're the best thing you left behind.

RIP Gustav Ahr (aka Lil Peep)

17 May 18

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good poem
 — rivergood

thanks river,
it's all I could do for this poor kid.
 — jenakajoffer