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What You Will Write

The names of all those who have graced your smile
You will write them on your walls
The names of all those whom you must
And those who cannot help being in your thoughts.
Furtive glances between friends
To share with passersby what they know in secret.
You will write these on your walls.
All of the words spilt in conversation;
Some dancing with symbols near spirited fires
And others burdened by rigours of the day.
They will all have a place under your roof.
Wasted days on sweet nothings
Giving paradise its name and the summer sun
Its charm
Festive nights on dour balconies
Where the cherry of your cigarette
Mimics below how the stars look above
And the smoke fades into the moon
Hoisting twilight's sail where the world is mast.
You will write these on your walls.
Gatherings pasts and future
Counted by the knocks on your door;
A door that proudly wears its knocks
As its coating scrapes off
To the promise of company.
All of the times we were serious
Because we wanted to play.
And all of the times we played
To try our hand at fate with pieces on a board.
Every time the die is cast
We will write it here for you.
A number to wear with the years and your memories.
Poems to be shared out loud
In prose and rhyme with love
I will write one here for you:
Laughter sprung from mirth and beer
And songs yet to be sung;
Paintings hung and values set
Alarm bells to be rung;
Mornings wrested from the night
Turn'd days when they are strung;
Projects vowed to change the world
Dreams lost as they'd begun;
Papers strewn about with words
Ink, dry before the tongue;
Seasons passed through window sills
And games played in the sun.
All these things--
All these things--
Will be written on yours walls.

5 Jun 18

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