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my lips like coffee

the empty cup is lonely but you are
the loneliest, thumb out on the highway
tip of a cigarette to keep you company
that's how it ends sometimes
what you meant to me wasn't meant
to be motionless
like a rock like a cup left on the nightstand
whatever became of us wasn't intentional
I didn't expect to long for you there was nothing
behind me I felt nothing
half pang and a double shot espresso
this morning the sun slung low
through white blanket silhouette
I was stretched beyond sleep I could feel
the milky vapour of you filling the room
you had me skin and bones under the contours
I touched myself not for relief
but desire and after, I sat at the table sipping coffee
pressed a smoke between my lips you
lit the match.
I thought I should change my habits
let out my last puff, switch to decaf
I was anxious, this nervosa swallowing me whole
my body strung and starved but I like it that way
I liked your thumbs gouged in my hip bones
how your steered your face in the blinkers of my thighs
my rich anemone of puss, mouth  ear  asshole
my lips like coffee, like phallic lighthouse
like parcels of rosy smoke burst into flames
I can't help what I want, if I want to be fluid
if I want to fill your mornings with throat sucks and sorrow
Wolflarsen at the kitchen door Nantucket spilling
on the floor
and I cried you know we lit the house on fire
swirled cream through our fingers
you pressed your tongue into me I broke down at last
I can still hear your breath hum, you lit the match
out-danced the ax, your lips withdrew like smoke
like coffee too, I found the heartache
I'm coming in the dark
feels just like you

14 Jun 18

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a complicated poem
 — unknown

Full of poem things, it makes me nervous- like feeling g something here could hurt me, or pull me into a world devoid of milk and settlement.
 — DeformedLion

My lips like coffee too
 — DeformedLion

i like how you mentioned vortex.  did you say sediment? there is some...
 — jenakajoffer