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Shadowy Pursuits

Something moved beyond me.
On its own it flowed, while blending with the floor.
Cloned yet unfettered, seemed set in stone,
while remaining shaded deep grey.
It stayed out to play, darkened paving stones
as the sun went in.
Still it beckoned, I followed, shadowing every move.
It danced ahead, left me marooned,
way behind and out of tune,
Disappeared inside a privet hedge,
balanced on a window ledge.
Waved goodbye and away it went.

23 Jun 18

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very nice  poem, brings a little nostalgia.
 — hue

Is this from real life or a flight of fancy. Its a new style
 — unknown

Intrigue and mystery well penned sir
 — Mattmckeown

My flights are often fanciful.

Larry shadowland Lark
 — larrylark