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Dear wife

Ive never even tried to write poetry or really anything else. I know its kind of dr seuse sounding and some of it may not go together quite right but my head is a mess right now so makes sense this would be to. I dont know why i even put it on here.

I never meant to hurt you,
I really never knew,
I never want you feel that way,
Not even for a single day,
You are the love of my life,
The only one I would want to call my wife,
I'm all alone except the thoughts in my head,
Since you left my insides are dead,
I lay awake every night,
Alot of sadness and alot of fright,
I miss waking up to your beautiful face,
The feel of your warm loving embrace,
I would give anything to keep my wife,
Up to and including my own life,
As I sit crying writing this down,
My face is stuck with a permanent frown,
In my heart you will always be,
The only one ever meant for me,
I pray that u will give me just one chance,
I promise a life of endless romance,
Through these tears I cannot see,
I beg you my wife please don't leave me.
Your loving husband

6 Jul 18

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