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Speaking In Tongues

Couldn’t speak the language. Tongue tied.
What I thought would come back with age,
lay estranged, caged among garbled sound.
Made no sense, trying to decipher.
seemed a life sentence.
We shared the same words.
Mine remained unheard.
I stayed alien, a fearful phantom,
Part of some ghostly clan. Excluded, banned.
My language? No one could understand.
Mother said that stammer
was “my gift” from the N.H.S.,
when they ripped out my tonsils.
Left alone while I bled
On a pristine hospital bed.
Sorry I spoke.
Something caught in my throat.
I was just a small boy
diction gone wrong,
trauma roamed the tip of my tongue,
hiding what i couldn’t say,
seeking ways through precarious days.

7 Jul 18

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