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i wrote this
on several shots of vodka
because i am desperately trying to feel anything
other than what i am
all these years i’ve been writing love poems
for some faceless ghost
who doesn’t have the common decency
to even tell me to fuck off
turns out it’s been me
this whole damn time

8 Jul 18

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vodka works good on your melody. nice little piece. smart but intuitive.
 — cadmium

lose l 10 and 11 as why has it been you ?
 — unknown

unk, if this is poetry, not a note to your mom. it's about self-concept and projection and just wishing that that one would love you, when it was love and not him, but you couldn't know that because loneliness is love to and you had to at least love yourself a little to survive at all. man, people really don't know about love on this site, just about getting sum.
 — cadmium

Cadmium are you a relationship specialist
 — unknown

i'm an INFJ. micro-adjustments our specialty.
 — cadmium