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cadmium is the energizer junky

He get's high,
4 u.

10 Jul 18

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while fucking a mom,
the guy's got it awn.
 — cadmium

u could be a man cadmium
 — percocet

a half gay man shouldn't be able to ruin what u say
 — percocet

I can hurt u cadmium
 — percocet

cadmium was a man b4 australia
 — percocet

now he's a fool in a puissant world
 — percocet

The only thing remotely resembling the truth here is part of one word in the title...junk.
 — unknown

the original title of this piece was 'motherfucking cocksuckers'.
 — cadmium

i get high from the writing. people can't understand that. it sounds 'obsessive' to them and being obsessive might make you break a nail.
 — cadmium

it's true. i haven't gotten high on anything but caffeine in thirty years. not that sometimes i wouldn't want to, but it wouldn't kill me, right? which means i'd have to live with the stupidity of it the next day. also, it'd fuck up my aesthetic. you start thinking the drugs or alcohol makes you creative, you're fucked. playing in the wading pool and thinking it's the olympics. you can't swim out of water if you're too numb to stroke, you can't know a stoner if you never once smoked. do everything and don't listen to me, i'm just me.
 — cadmium

no apostrophe in 'gets'... but, i use this form too. it's graphic, kind of suggests a more personal than third-person 'get'. no reason why we can't use this or any other form in our own way. people don't get that form on a page is like music notation, where you're showing the reader how to read, not just what to read.
 — cadmium

He gets you high
 — unknown