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Need is a Strong Word

I was fighting a cardboard filter that refused to fit into its place.
As you removed it from my hands you lowered your voice.
“No Honey, like this,” you said,
And resolved my domestic undertaking.
“But I almost had it,” I said.
I was scavenging through my purse to rectify an afternoon expense.
When you saw my wallet in hand, you hastily rallied your own.
“I got it, Lovely,” you said,
And nonchalantly paid the tender.
“But I had money,” I said.
I was carrying an ill-shaped box from the carport to my door.
Awkward in my grip, you misinterpreted a reposition for a struggle.
“Let me, Sweetie,” you said,
And relinquished me of my hand-held burden.
“But it wasn’t heavy,” I said.
I took a shower and thoughtlessly dabbed at my tangled hair.
Upon entering, you held my face, gently pulled my knots, and frowned.
“My poor girl,” you said,
And pursued me with a brush.
“I could’ve combed my own hair,” I said
I was having a hard night, and you asked me if I needed you.
Despite my protest, you disregarded my refusal and pleaded your cause.
“Baby, don't be like that,” you said,
And corralled me into your arms.
“But I don’t need you...” I said
“I know you don’t,” you said, “ I need you.”

24 Jul 18

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very good poem wanting something
 — unknown