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Statute of Limitations

What’s the penance for one’s youth?
I never asked to be ten-years your junior.
You see, I was born on another woman’s agenda,
With no method of appeal.
Was I too late?
Did I start life overdue?
Punctuality was never my strong suit.
I ask is a decade too long?
It seems a simple request that my affection
Bridge the gap of time between us.
I assure you,
It’s strong enough.
In these lines I beg you
Do not condemn me for my youth.
Is ten trips around the sun
Really that substantial
Of a journey?
And if that's all it takes,
Can I
Relinquish the scenic route
For an expressway?
You acted shy about your age,
But it’s interval isn’t one to fear.
For a chance to sync our time together
I’d gladly surrender the remaining years,
The ones that encompass
What's left of my youth,
Like a burden.
Because to me they are passing
Meaningless glimpses.
Undeveloped snapshots.
Or at least they are
When compared to you.

31 Jul 18

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nice flow who wants to be 10
 — unknown