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i would rather be a bud than a snake
green grass rather than a  vacant parking lot,
all these things because Im so
endowned with you
and we've got to get ourselves,
back to the garden
labelling our tools with love.

1 Aug 18

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Not a bad poem about gardening
 — unknown

the poem is always about the author, never about what the author attaches to to be able to have a body on a page.

this is a little collection of pop songs converted into ring tones. it reminds of other songs, but isn't make one itself.
 — cadmium

well, i just don't feel a genuine THING, that thing that makes you go hmmmm....

who wouldn't want to be green grass anyway?
 — jenakajoffer

Thank you Jenna for your opinion
 — rivergood

Sorry I don’t have something more constructive to say.
Next time! :)
 — jenakajoffer

oh, i got plenty o'nothin',
and, nothin's plenty for me...
 — cadmium