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You don't understand how it is to be a poet

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the muse is still and counting
like stalemate
no space further
outwitted or withdrawal
no more signs
directionless fins
i empty my addiction
spilt quirkiness
who cares about my resolve?
spontaeneity a giveaway
i have confidence to a stance memorized
tribe adorn in hair mess
be my thinking and ink

4 Aug 18

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poetry is what's what, but the poem isn't a feeling. the feeling is invented into a name by the poem, the poem is the feeling. this isn't a poem, it's a little memo. the only life in it is panic and evasion -- like you don't want life to be un-poetic, cause that'd make you ordinary. we all feel this way. the poem is the making of it. like, did you write 1 poem 33 times, or did you invent 33 new poems you didn't know you could write. poet is a skill, not just a feeling.

like, this is cool because you don't know english very well and it sounds broken. that sound LOOKS on the page like your broken emotions trying to fit back together.

the next poem is always the best one you'll ever write.
 — cadmium

doesn't flow just stream consciousness line by line No punctuation either.
 — unknown

the muse is still out and counting
 — rivergood

in verse, the line break is punctuation. everyone who reads poetry learns that poetry isn't prose.
 — cadmium

I appreciate lines 2 and 12 for the way they are phrased and what they imply. I also enjoy lines 3-5 for the way they flow together, because to me, they seem to be the most cohesive lines in the poem. While this may be a matter of stylistic preference, I wish the lines flowed together better, if not at all. The seemingly sporadic nature makes the poem difficult to follow, and awkward to read out loud. However, the idea behind this piece is strong and relatable to anyone who writes or enjoys poetry; the reader just has to work needlessly hard to reach it.
 — ehalburn

tribe adorn in hair mess, is unclear
 — unknown