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#me too

Oh the troubles I have seen
with millions of dollars in the bank
when I took the money
to act as a playboys bunny
I didn't want to,
but the money was good
you would too,
hashtag you too?
right? well
The moneys dried up now,
so i'm gonna come clean,
and admit the wrongs done to me
and how hollywoods obsene
the acting, the stories are pure fantasy
but when theres a sex scene,
those bodies are there to see.
The director said get your tits out,
and "jiggle them about"
if I wanted to be part,
of this wonderful art.
So, i did what #wedo and whipped them right out
and the girl who lost the role left with a pout.
i then got my award, from the man who raped me,
and I thanked him kindly, and said how he shaped me.
With his wonderful direction,
and imagination,
I really bought into his creation
I cried with joy
and I cried with glee,
and there was not one thought
about you
#just me.

10 Sep 18

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