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Existance and Purpose.

Existance and Purpose.
1. You wake up from the bed. What is immediate to your eyes is you.
2. You can touch, see, smell your body, which you can figure out by setting a goal and try to acheive that. A goal that your body can understand. Your body is used to acting immediately to your goals, so you act courteous to your body, and let the body act towards your goals that your body understands. Your body acts in a split second after you intensify your goal.
3. You can visualise what you did yesterday, though only a small portion, the ones that are most intense, and poignant to you. That is your memory. You watch memories like you observe: you see a mirage, but you cannot choose when and how a mirage presents itself, but you can choose to figure yourself in such a way that circumstances that lead to appearance of mirage all line up. You become a robot, yet to be programmed: you are present, you can grasp that your body is a part of you, what you are doing now is to appreciate you, you in your space that you made.
4. Then, you are reminded of your birth. You are born into this reality. For what purpose? You figure, you are at a loss. You cannot answer the question. Then, you found out all you have been doing is just playing around. You want to ask mom, why do you conceive me? Then, you remember that your mom said that you are born to... be appreciated. "He's my only son.", mom said. You continued to be at loss, "Is this my true purpose in life?, since the purpose only applies as long as my mom still lives.". You think, "Better get ready to find my true purpose in life while my mom still exists.". Then you remembered all that you done in your life up until now. The themes and motifs, and cultures that you remember, you try to piece them together to complete the clue that lead you to where you belong.
5. Then, you said to yourself, "Nothing lasts Forever, the Best Way leads to Peace.". You got shocked. "Is this true? Is this true?", you ask. You tried to scrunitise the meaning of every word.
The End.

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12 Sep 18

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only mine and a gulls footprints
on the beach.
 — unknown

Comment ccol
 — unknown

this is the kind of writing that frozen people want as poetry. it's a relief to them, it doesn't involve anything but the tiniest part of thinking to read it.
 — cadmium