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Love And Money (1950)

My dad earned small amounts.
which mother counted out in tidy piles.
“Soon we’ll have enough.”
Even though those piles weren’t high,
sometimes dad would tell a lie or bluff,
fingering coins among his pocket fluff.
We always had clean socks,
a scrubbing brush to shine us up.
Most pennies seemed sent from heaven,
though some disappeared down the pub.

12 Sep 18

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In a pub's stained glass window;
the shepherds crook,
hooks a horseshoe of sunlight.
 — unknown

Looking forward to  your 1000th poem
 — unknown

In a pub's stained glass window;
the shepherds crook hooks,
a horseshoe of sunlight.

Version 2.
 — unknown

That is a brilliantly evocative pub observation unknown which i can completely relate to after 4 or 5.

Larry 5 or 6 Lark
 — larrylark

Excellent poem
 — Rossant