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The Present.

I will be the solace of song
in the deafening silence
I will be the witness to your dance
without the asking
I will be the calm at your feet
after the storms have passed
I will be the gentleness you crave
after you reclaim overcome the dragons in your layers
I will be the water that washes your hand
that held the knives
I will be the consolation to your inconsolable regret
and the hammer that wrecks the pedestal
I will be the light in the darkness
and the darkness that holds the light
I will be the confidence of the strength
with which you stand against every grain
I will be the gaze that breaks the mirror
and the coming of the echo
you always wished
would return
I will be the resonance you will feel
deep in your bones
I will be the beating of your heart
and the breathing of your lungs
I will be all things;
the water, the fire, the stone, and the stand you make
This is what I leave you
For when you come to understand.

13 Sep 18

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Holding the crow pose
for twenty seconds;
smell of lavender,
buzz of bees.
 — unknown

i am the cool of spring
you are the harbinger of a storm
 — Rossant

Very good picture
 — unknown