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the hashtag
a gathering of the flock.
Mass incriminations
unites a sufferers mob.
Affluent hounds tuck their tails,
hungry victims feed.
mass resignations,
a new dog takes his seat.
Vultures spread the news,
while blued visages
summon the next hashtag.

19 Sep 18

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the words build up and then shit out a smart thought. there's not enough word-machine stuff to make so much righteous smart sound like anything but sales slogans at k-mart.

behold, the hashtag, a gathering of the flock; mass incrimination uniting a suffering mob. Affluent hounds seen tucking their tails: yes, hungry victims feed.

the content is just fox news. it's nice that you have a reaction, that you're still alive, but so what? the fad-word 'hashtag' turns boring, but the idea of injustice done to anyone is a real idea. there are so many good movies, for instance, that kevin spacey acted in and produced. i'm sorry that hollywood is still hollywood, but i don't have to blow kevin to watch 'house of cards' or 'the united states of leland. that means i'm not triggered by this poem. that means i'm just looking for a poem in it. I do propaganda pieces too, rants with good manners, like this one. those rants have to live or die on how broad an audience they can touch. you missed me in this one, and i'm not lib tard or neo-con. just someone who really likes aesthetic stuff. hashtag me out if that offends you.    
 — cadmium

Thank you cadmium, I know I can write a good poem, I have to recognize the crap to find my words.
 — Ognibia