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Where am I
But standing right here
Armed with capital letters
Wishing I had a beer
Or two
Or three
Nightmares last night still haven’t
left me
As I watch the rain
And hum every note to Everlong
in my brain
Along with the phone
My only source of music
My only combative essence
Cause my hands
Can not kill such pain I feel
In my heart
A beat is steady
My eyes reel
I roll them to relax
And roll cigarettes to smile
Green and purple
Lucky to a Tauren
Like me
And I wonder when I sing along with you
If anything could ever be this real for real
Just don’t stop when I say when
And that’s the only thing I’ll ever ask of you

23 Sep 18

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grip lyric. sharp. the caps help express the urgency and need. good poet move. emotionally, this is moving, and, if it doesn't sound fake, 'authentic', as how it only becomes real. good luck, taurian. be the faith.
 — cadmium

You can see the work you have put into this.
Beer, three.
Brain, rain, pain.
Reel, roll, relax, roll, smile, like. All act like glue to hold the whole.

Good effort I thought.
 — unknown

Sorry missed the "here" V1 to go with, beer ,three
 — unknown