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Surprise Visitor.

Mother arrived back yesterday
“Don’t look so amazed.” She said.
“Some people still live even though they are dead.
I’ve been too long gathering dust,
while you look just like you’ve been living off crusts”
Had to confess,
abandoned duster for some time
while food had become a wearisome chore.
Pot Noodles from Lidl or convenience store.
Pleased in a way she was back in my life,
Shining up spoons, hoovering each room,
spreading out butter with my bowie knife.
Flicking at spiders with a long-handled broom.
Hummed “I did it my way.” Her favourite tune.
but the old unease returned too soon
She advanced with loofer and scrubbing brush.
“Now sit stock still, don’t make a move,
This won’t hurt so I want no fuss.”

1 Oct 18

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