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Memory's Ghost

I dream,
that you sit in my bedroom,
list in hand,
imploring me to delete what links us.
Handwritten, eschewing practicality,
filled with online posts,
conversations, pictures, and notes.
The list is you,
I demur unwilling to relinquish these memories, even for you.
Your eyes force me to the task.
You rub my shoulders platonically while,
I panic.
I purge, flipping from book to online doppelganger.
Dissecting OURS
                         ,creating a monstrosity,
                                                             MINE and YOURS.
You tell me:
“You are not in love with me,
but the ghost of your memory,
a static fixture in a chaotic mind.”
Your task done you vanish and I wake,
rapacious for your presence,
even a cynical one.
Maybe it is true.
To be free of you
I have to excise these digital demons of a physical past.
For now,
I live with memory’s ghost.

8 Oct 18

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