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I Wish

I wish I was a cowboy
and could wear what cowboys wore.
I’d be so tough and handsome
yet softer than a whore.
Bedecked in bright pink kerchief
and polka dotted shirt,
ride a pretty pony near  
my stubbly friend called Burt.
We’d camp deep in the shadows,
I’d lull him with a song,
He’d hold me in his manly arms,
his chaps ooooh how they’d pong.
Red Injuns and coyotes
couldn’t scare me off the range,
I’d belt them with my holster,
their features rearrange.
I wish I was a cowboy
who could sing in a saloon.
Stroke Bronco Billy’s hairy chest
beneath a silvery moon.

16 Oct 18

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Larry Bareback broke Lark
 — unknown

I've clip copped, gee upped, Neddied, a horse is a horse unless of course,  Red Rummed  my way through the Beecher's Brook of life to this point to point and i don't intend to stop now.

Larry on the hoof Lark
 — larrylark