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bill on Halloween

Sally is a witch and Bill is her bitch
  Almost almost poet ventriloquist
Reaches well deep,  cult throat,
Rainbow cellar and humming bones
Sally is pointy finger in his sludge pot,
William is a shorn bird with salt gal
In his bloom bag. Who knew a greater love?
Kombucha of sky magic, you flew baby
To the devil's egg and grew a feather
To tickle the monster: one pulsar
Crack omelet, pepper in his spine hole...
Finger wriggled in.
Bill so fertilised his belly divided your world.
He was the grammar of your heart, the lost angel
Punctuating your stillborne soul, Bill the cliche
Abrasion to your witch hat poetry.
You midwifed a magic from him that lingered on the oceans' skin,
One moon, grated slow
Over the asshole
You mooned the rainbow,
Bill blew
He blew his love all over you.

20 Oct 18

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