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Forgive me
I do not have bulging biceps
a v shaped torso
a permanent tan
prominent calves
or six pack abs.  
All I have to offer is
a receding hair line
a pot belly
declining eyesight
a smokers cough
a tortured soul
fading delusions of grandeur
twenty six letters
and a syringe of ink
to infect
and paralyze you
like a virus
every time
i shake hands
open my mouth.

love in the time of encephalitis

wash your hands cover your mouth

20 Oct 18

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poets are on fire, they don't need tinder.. thats just awful, but it runs well... very smooth
 — impoppy

like, in what fantasy world do our words work on the illiterate? look at poppy's response, how it's not a critique of poetry, just a reduction of your entire consciousness into some slave-mentality trip, where you're supposed to align yourself with 'think the right thoughts or go to hell.'.

what a critical site is about, is getting into wording, seeing how the wording was made and if it's poetry.

if this site were about something the unks and all thought really important, like 'restaurant food', there wouldn't be any, 'this is pretty' comments, when the food was rotten. people know what rotten food is like, but they don't know what fake writing is like. they know what they know.

poetry is really difficult -- the most literate form of language. read, read again, and then think how you'd have written the poem. then, think again and then comment for the author. don't  comment just to make yourself seem smart or arty or whatever.

read some rimbaud to see what pissed-off really looks like.
 — cadmium

my password is insecure, but my love for your poem is not
 — impoppy

 — unknown