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Before the war we would watch wandering clouds and count stars
now we watch clouds of smoke, count  drones.
Father you sold me to an old man.
now I walk to a field with landmines.
War fills everyone with doubt.
I want the unwavering faith of the mountains, rivers and goats.
Old man your turban camouflages your bald head.
My burqa suffocates every breath.
You were my brothers future wife but he's now dead,
now you must marry me instead.
Her only crime was she fell in love with words.
When they found her notebooks she burned herself to death with heating oil.
We were born poor but my brother made us rich with respect
he was buried in a suicide vest.
Daughter, in america, the promise of love is never dead.
Your husband is on the internet.
These americans smile and shake our hands.
Do they think this is the united states of afghanistan.

landays are two line poems reflective of afghan culture. poetry can be a crime as it signifies free will.

21 Oct 18

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Excellent poem
 — Rossant