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Behind the Stillness in Glints of Grey Blue

The night is over, opera against your pillow fills a  silenced room, florescent yellows absorbed by a greying air, opaque transitions linger in my confusion as a sudden weight falls.
Heavy! I reach, I hold, I speak, there is a feeling, a heaviness. Flickering eyes fall with tiredness, hushed words unspoken, breathless and restless there are no words left. Erratic beats and shallow breaths, gasping one last time.
Finally, I breath, choking on sorrow. I sit here a woman, yet a child behind the fog emerges, scared and seeking all alone. Backlit edges blurred, strange and luminous against stillness, senses numbed in a dream-like state.
Echos in corridors, footsteps passing and hurried voices as I drift in and out of unseeing the already seen, glints of green and grey blue with a half smile slipping in and out of focus, pulling me back to that moment, to the end of our no goodbyes.

25 Oct 18

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Excellent with strong imagery
 — larrylark

Thank you so much Larrylark.
 — wintersun