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The hawk is a muffled patter, a windup toy monkey-drum,
a climbing shadow
air brazen, mind-knuckle.
The split cider to the brain,
splinters the sunlight.
My sunglasses are lost in the haze of trees.
The feathered leaves toss in the dry grass.
Sunlight tosses on the rims and tree lines, treetops.

1 Nov 18

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the 'toss' and 'tosses' in 7 & 8 made me stumble a bit as I read.  maybe replace 'tosses' in 8 with =bleeds= or something like?  also, not sure 'treetops' is needed at the end there.  just a few suggestions.  like it otherwise, especially in 2 referring to a Hawk as "a climbing shadow"...nice
 — JKWeb

thank you JKWeb...
 — brother_sun