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its 99 degrees  and i'm bakin
myself in the Miami sun.
68 years 340 lbs  
closer to death than life.
leather skin, obese, droopy tits,
hammer toes, varicosities.
oh i could go on.
ain't no one gonna take a selfie with me
or put me on instagram.
millenials don't even look
they just stare at their phones
avoid me
like i'm some boulder obstructing their path
to nirvana.
but what they don't know is
i m gonna stand here naked
in the middle of the beach
every summer day
fuck up their pristine views
because guess what kids
exhibitionists never lose.

15 Nov 18

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if the shoe fits. plastic sandals. lime green translucent dayglow, so's you don't burn your tootsies and scream like an emo.

saying stuff with words is where you can say anything just because someone smarter than you said it already. where you can mouth phrases like a gold fish in a hot tub. go on a keto diet. get your brain back and stop cloning reruns from the 80's.

kids are supposed to be narcissists and exhibitionists. it's because they're learning language -- how to put words into phrases to get stuff. kids want stuff. they're worthless for you because even if they feel sorry for you it's to get a good feeling inside. you're young still but don't perv on them -- you're only going to manipulate them and make them feel cheap. like this piece of yours is doing to my inner tot.
 — cadmium

Thank you for this rye observation of the vacuous  youth  culture
 — Rossant

wry not  rye
 — unknown