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First School Dance (1962)

Adorned by all i wanted, felt fully formed.
My brand new suit from John Collier's
flapped above the folly
of brown chisel ended gold buckled shoes
whose soles i'd proudly polished the night before.
"Good Golly  Miss Molly,"
I was out there to kick up a storm.
Never try to be cool when you can't,
on the shined up parquet surface of a school hall.
While "dancing" to "What Do You Want" by Adam Faithless
who all the girls adored. Heading for a fall,
i tangled in his rhythms and went crashing to the floor.

16 Nov 18

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more johnny leyton
 — unknown

but as long as i live i know i'll hear her singing in the wind way above the tree tops..JOHNNYEEEEEEE REEEMEMBER MEEEEE.

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If only Rossant, if only.....sigh

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