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Manoomin's Last Stand

Earth's heartbeat,
drums in indigenous hands
calling us to stop the rape.
Wendigo (the money god)
walks Minnesota -
its name is Enbridge,
aka Pipeline 3.

2 Dec 18

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the poem, though well-written is just a tad cryptic.  took me a minute to figure out your angle.  also, I'm thinking you could expand to possibly add some clarity?  nonetheless, it's sad how some people's greed overpowers the need to preserve the environment.
 — JKWeb

I'm guessing you don't celebrate Thanksgiving? Good Poem I know where you're coming from.
 — CheBourdain7

Hello!  It's good to be back here.  Enbridge is pipeline 3, still being approved by Minnesota and strongly protested by the indigenous people living on the land.  They harvest manoomin, aka Lake rice.  Once the pipeline goes through, the chances of contamination of the water, the destruction of age old ecosystems and a culture based on the lakes, the water, the wildlife and the rice, will be gone.  You can check out their Honor the Earth site, Winona LaDuke's place.  

I celebrate a day of thanking God but I no longer believe the sweet story we are told and I definitely do NOT celebrate Columbus day.  JKWEB, nice to see you!  I thought PC was dead so I haven't posted for a long, long time.
 — Isabelle5