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Discreet Disorder

A statue of Sir Robert Peel
gazes Impassively over the down at heel
town centre square,
precariously topped by a traffic cone
slightly skewed.
Who was disturbing the peace?
No one called the police?
A frisbee flashed past the end of his nose
swerving in flight, smacked into a tree.
Its three in the morning.
There's an open window, fourth floor,
of the crumbling Georgian terrace
overlooking this late night scene.
A curtain flaps in the breeze
and soon a grey dawn will cast its first light
easing through the night's remains.
A stiff wind blows up bringing rain.
In the distance someone knocks over a bin.
The cone falls to the floor.
No sound from the window save a quietly closing door.

4 Dec 18

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The grey is told so well
 — Rossant

I have always loved grey all my life Rossant. I love the way it is a mixture of black and white. I even have a beige cardigan which matches the colour of my cavalry twill twousers and off set beautifully my highly polished brown walking boots which i use to go walking. There is many a sight to see in the countryside i can jolly well tell you but beware of bull like mine.

Larry full of it Lark
 — larrylark