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the klansman
with the recent stroke
is mute
avoids contact with his therapist
eyes filled with shame
or reluctance
is he depressed or
hiding something?
eventually with a gain of trust
shakes frustrated hands
exaggerates facial expressions
to compensate for
mumbles of half
intelligible speech
just like an

break the walls.

12 Dec 18

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black women have no place here
 — percocet

i'll rehabilitate u on my cock
 — percocet

u don't know me, I know u.
 — percocet

the knsman stroke
poem on the rehab
if u are a cute black girl I will use my whiteness to help u.
 — percocet

here's the problem with black people...
they just need some white dick
 — percocet

i'm free and willing u bitch
 — percocet

u rly need my white dick and stop acting like u don't
 — percocet

fractured conceptions
 — percocet

I in all truth love black women
 — percocet

white women act while black women portrey
 — percocet

what does that say?
 — percocet

if life was u we would all be diving into reactors trying to save you.
 — percocet

your poems are free, mine are fucked.
 — percocet

say something if u can write
 — percocet

rehabbing your asshole is like rubbing a deck.
 — percocet

my dick is clean
 — percocet

no response
just like an immigrant.
 — percocet

sry kids but I have been hardcore studying at the top level
 — percocet

u want to fuck with me you should
 — percocet

u shouldn't wright this shit and run.
 — percocet


a white man
with a little girl
wearing a kimono
with a reluctance
to take it off.
 — percocet

poor white man
 — percocet

funny no support from your othermen?
 — percocet

is this about percocet?
 — unknown