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Love in the time of Pollution

I don’t want to dream of you anymore (Love in the Time of Pollution)
  ‘I open my eyes and the world drops dead
I think I made you up inside my head’
           we never even met
You’re faceless in my dreams
the focus
   but faceless nonetheless
I used to watch the planets move in the sky and think of you
        Celestial bodies as confirmation bias
           I thought I knew you felt it too
    Why does it feel like my soul is still captive?
I think bittersweet partings paved the road to hell
I have a tendency towards tragedy, couldn’t you tell?
The penultimate words
at the bottom of a still, and deep sea
I think, no, I know,
I still carry them with me
A civil service for a crazy girl:
The Final Message
A line drawn in the sand while I was still drowning
I had poured myself into a beached and empty vessel
‘We’re getting married soon’
Damn that fucked me up
Silly girl,
Romanticism ruins love.
I know, I know, I know, I know
But still I put the glasses on
How else was it supposed to go?
Ghost boy
You were a liminal space
I was a liminal phase
I don’t want to dream of you anymore
I think I loved you in a past life
Did you promise then to break my heart in this one too?
The last drops of idealism embedded in my tears
I feel spent and all my bets were on you
       I stayed at the Ace Hotel in Tokyo
      I thought of you in every place I’d go
            (Love in the time of Pollution)
I thought of you in apartment 1503
the shower overlooked the Beijing city skyline
A Neptunian fog clouding an industrial horizon
There above I saw you marked in constellations
I don’t want to dream of you anymore

23 Jan 19

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