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You can come here anytime.
Besides yourself bring a bottle of wine
and fasten your hair in the way i like best.
I'm not smart as you are, but listen.
See my ears burning.
Scandal, sea of gossip,
from your turbulent world
beats against each drum.
I casually stumble through books you bring,
noting where you've lingered, marked odd lines,
underscored paragraphs in fine red ink.
Being well bred, clever as you are
you always try to guide my thoughts.
So when you walk into my room at dusk,
i ponder on the fuss you make.
Those small insignificant events taken from your day.
I'm a good listener, so for my sake, please stay.

17 Feb 19

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more please
 — unknown

More and more and more...i hope.

Larry less is more Lark
 — larrylark